Joerns Hospital bed Ultracare XT with mattress

Location: Oceanside, CA

Suggested Price $$1500.00

Toroidal architecture engineering of the bed’s steel frame is up to 30 times stronger than angle iron
AdvanceCare positioning offered as a standard feature with integrated pendant connections on both sides of mattress support platform
Optional Staff Control offers advanced clinical control, safety lockouts and ergonomic functionality
Extendable four-section mattress support platform offers full range of comfort and therapeutic positions, which may reduce skin shear
Attractive bed panel options available in a wide array of designs and finishes
UltraLock is available at the foot end or both the head and foot to maximize security or mobility at any height
Bed length 80″ or 76″
Bed width 35″, 39″ or 42″ with UltraWide kit
Bed weight 220 lb
Bed weight capacity 500 lb
Operating capacity 500 lb
Underbed clearance 23¾”
Sleep surface travel range 7″ to 30″
Max. back angle 65 degrees to horizontal
Max. knee angle 35 degrees to horizontal
Max. knee to leg angle 45 degrees

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