Drive Bariatric Bed for Sale

Location: noida, delhi

Suggested Price $995

A 42 inch wide Drive bariatric hospital bed is for sale in excellent condition in Gary Indiana. This hospital bed is in excellent condition and includes a new mattress and a trapeze bar. (The trapeze bar is mistakenly on the foot of the bed but can be moved to the head section) The Drive bariatric bed is an excellent home care bed with a 500 pound patient weight capacity. This bed is a full electric medical bed and also include quarter rails for assistance getting in and out of bed. Bariatric beds are referred to as “extra wide” beds because they are 6 inches to 12 inches wider than a normal hospital bed width which is 36 inches. 

Gary Indiana is just outside of Chicago Illinois. Contact us for more information. 

Fully functional all hydraulic levels work very clean never been used located in Gary Indiana in a home contact number 219-433-3272 seller Eddie 

Drive Bariatric Bed Price

Suggested sales price for the Drive bariatric bed, trapeze bar and new mattress $995 – save 50% plus on betting this second had and not buying it new. The bed can disassemble to make it easy to move.

Additional Information

Drive bariatric bed features –

Quiet, smooth operation

Heavy-duty frame ensures strength and patient safety

All steel construction

Larger sleep surface than conventional bed

Split-pan design with removable bed ends is easy to set up

No tools necessary for set up

Hand control (included) provides for multiple bed positioning for patients

Low air loss/alternating pressure mattress available

“T” rails available (Sold separately) (Figure A)

Emergency manual crank included

Total Weight Capacity 600 lbs, Maximum Patient Weight 500 lbs.

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