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Home Medical Deals is an online buying and selling website for people that have used or surplus medical equipment used primarily for home use. We get calls everyday from people and families that have purchased much needed medical equipment and no longer need it and are not sure what to do with it.

Home Medical Deals provides a classified ad format website where we can post the medical equipment and provide a ballpark estimate of value and help people sell it to others who need it. We help match buyers of medical equipment with sellers of medical equipment and post this equipment on other websites and social media.

Right now all listings are provided free of charge and we are helping buyers and sellers each find what they are looking for. If you have medical equipment for sale and are looking for someone who buys hospital beds send us photos and location of your medical equipment to sean@imedequipservices.com or call
540-327-7376 for more information. We do also buy medical equipment direct if we can use it and it is in our general area of business.

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